Our Organization established of Kalarav-Community Based Peer Led Intervention (CPLI) centre, Ahmedabad since year 2019 funded by National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India under the national action plan for drug demand reduction. It is maintained by an experience and professionally qualified area coordinator, trainer cum supervisor and peer educator.

Objectives :-

  1. To assess substance use among adolescents in impoverished & marginalized communities.
  2. Conduct primary prevention activities through awareness programs.
  3. Engage in risk mitigation of substance use among children/ adolescent/youth by:
    1. Preventing substance use
    2. Delaying initiation of substance use
  4. Identify and train selected peer educators in the community.
  5. Implement early prevention education led by trained peer educators.
  6. To provide awareness about referral and linkage to counseling, treatment and rehabilitation services for substance dependent adolescents identified in the community.
  7. Identifying adolescents subjected to substance use and facilitating their referral/ admission into Rehabilitation Centers/ Drop in Centers.

Program Activities of Kalarav-CPLI Are Given Below:-

  1. Outreach activities in the community among vulnerable children and adolescents
  2. Community Mapping and Assessment
  3. Identification and Training of adolescents as Peer Educators to lead Peer led community intervention
  4. Life skill sessions: particularly designed for prevention of substance use  in communities by selected and trained Peer Educators
  5. Providing psychosocial therapies
  6. Follow-up care including family counselling