The ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, under the IRCA scheme known as “Assistance to Voluntary Organisations for prevention of Alcoholism and substance (Drugs) Abuse” sanctioned 15 Bedded Treatment cum Rehabilitation Centre, which is run at Mangal Prabhat Building, Opp. St. Xavier’s High School, Mirzapur, Ahmedabad since 1988-89.

Our Treatment Centre is popularly known as “NAYA JEEVAN” it provides hospitalization of indoor treatment of drug addicts. It is maintained by an experienced psychiatrists professionally qualified social workers, Counselors and other paramedical staff.

Our Treatment Centre “NAYA JEEVAN” Ahmedabad has been established with the following broad objectives:-

  1. To identify prone groups.
  2. To create awareness against the menace of drug abuse and alcoholism  among students, youths, general public especially slum dwellers, factory and mill workers     who are totally exposed to alcohol and drugs.
  3. To counsel and motivate the drug addicts to take up treatment for  complete  detoxification to come out of this menace, and to strengthen the families of addicts by proper counselling to fight against relapsation.
  4. To propagate the evil effects of drugs and to Create Climate against drug abuse so that the problem may not arise.
  5. To form support groups for follow up of the recovering addicts.
  6. To follow up the recovering addicts as a part of treatment for their reintegration in to the society’s main stream.
  7. To offer Family Counseling Programmes, providing them information about the disease of addiction and its impact on members of the family.
  8. To evolve programmes for the children of drug addicts, educating them    about drug abuse, its relapsation and recovery.
  9. To create awareness in Schools, Colleges, Youth Clubs, slums, Labour Colonies, affected pockets about the evil effects of drug addiction and alcoholism.
  10. To prepare pamphlets, leaflets, posters, placards & films, to create awareness in the society.
  11. To arrange for their vocational rehabilitation and  proper placement.

At our Treatment Centre the addicts are treated by professionally experienced and trained staff of psychiatrist, medical officer, Counselors, Social Workers and other paramedical workers. They are offered individual and group Counseling. They are also offered family counseling, group therapy, play & music therapy and Yoga therapy.