Our Organization established of Umang-Outreach and Drop in Centre (ODIC), Ahmedabad  since year 2019  funded by National Institute of Social Defence, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India under the national action plan for drug demand reduction. It is maintained by an experience psychiatrist doctor and professionally qualified counsellor and outreach worker.

Objectives :-

  1. To reduce substance use in the community.
  2. To protect and promote human and youth rights.
  3. To ensure that services are accessible, community based and differentiated along a continuum of care including psychosocial support for substance users, their primary caregivers and families.
  4. To conduct outreach activities among vulnerable young population in the community for prevention of substance use.
  5. To provide a safe and secure drop-in space for substance users in the community, which would have provisions of screening, assessment and counseling.
  6. To render psycho social interventions particularly based on behavioral approaches including Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Contingency Management, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Twelve- step facilitation therapy and Group therapy.
  7. To provide referral and linkage to treatment, care and rehabilitation services for substance dependents.


Our Umang-ODIC Centre Activities Are Given Below:-

  1. Outreach activities in the community among young vulnerable population.
  2. Behaviour change communication (BCC) one to one / group session in community by outreach worker.
  3. Screening and assessment of clients on substance use disorder.
  4. Drop in Centre facility for people vulnerable / dependant on drug use.
  5. Individual, group and family counselling.
  6. Provision of Consultation with doctor for referral and linkage with treatment facility.
  7. Safe and secure space for drug dependant youth accessible in the community.
  8. Complimentary therapist including art, music & dance for early recovery.
  9. Follow up care including family counselling.